Fellows and Senior Fellows of the National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access

The National Consortium on Community-Based Medical Education provides the academic home for the collaborative research projects of the Coastal Research Group and plans the National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access and associated activities.

The Senior Fellows of the National Consortium are persons who have participated in ten or more of the National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access and who have made at least one plenary presentation at one of the National Conferences.  The Fellows have participated in from five to nine of the National Conferences with at least one plenary presentation.

[Below, right: the induction of the first six Senior Fellows in April, 2000. From the left, David Sundwall, MD; Ludlow B. Creary, MD, MPH; F. Marian Bishop, Ph.D.; J. Jerry Rodos, DO; William H. Burnett, MA; and John E. Midtling, MD.]

The first six senior fellows were inducted at the Eleventh National Conference in Kauai in April, 2000.  From left to right, Doctors Sundwall, Creary, Bishop and Rodos, Mr Burnett and Doctor Midtling



Marc E. Babitz, MD

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ana Bejinez Eastman, MD

Whittier, California

**F. Marian Bishop, Ph.D., MSPH

Salt Lake City, Utah

John Boltri, MD

Rootstown, Ohio

John G. Bradley, MD, MMM

Decatur, Illinois

+William H. Burnett, MA

Granite Bay, California

+Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D.

Dayton, Ohio

Richard D. Clover, MD

Louisville, Kentucky

Ludlow  B. Creary, MD, MPH

Los Angeles, California

Hector Flores, MD

Los Angeles, California

+Virginia Fowkes, FNP, MHS

Stanford, California

William C. Fowkes, MD

Stanford, California

Joshua Freeman, MD

Kansas City, Kansas

John Geyman, MD

Friday Harbor, Washington

Tim Henderson, MSPH

Fairfax, Virginia

Charles E. Henley, DO, MPH

Indianapolis, Indiana

Paul Juarez, Ph.D.

Memphis, Tennessee

Norman B. Kahn Jr, MD

Chicago, Illinois

**Mitchell Kasovac, DO

Phoenix, Arizona

+Gary L. LeRoy, MD

Dayton, Ohio

Samuel C. Matheny, MD, MPH

Lexington, Kentucky

Patricia Matthews-Juarez, Ph.D.

Memphis, Tennessee

Robert Maudlin, Pharm. D.

Spokane, Washington

Marianne McKennett, MD

Chula Vista, California

John E. Midtling, MD, MS

Redmond, Washington

Charles Q. North, MD, MS

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Cynthia G. Olsen, MD

Yellow Springs, Ohio

Perry A. Pugno, MD, MPH

Leawood, Kansas

+J. Jerry Rodos, DO, D.Sc.

Western Springs, Illinois

Richard D. Ross, MD, M. Sc. Ed.

Bend, Oregon

David N. Sundwall, MD, MPH

Salt Lake City, Utah

Warwick Troy, Ph.D., MPH

Pasadena, California

Allan J. Wilke, MD

Kalamazoo, Michigan

John A. Zweifler, MD, MPH

Fresno, California


Bruce Behringer, MPH

Nashville, Tennessee

Peter W. Broderick, MD, MEd

Modesto, California

**Thomas C. Brown, Ph.D.

Auburn, California

Lee A. Burnett, DO

Seoul, South Korea

J. Scott Christman

Sacramento, California

James E. Cruz, MD

San Juan Capistrano, California

Patrick T. Dowling, MD, MPH

Los Angeles, California

Rick Flinders, MD

Santa Rosa, California

Donald Frey, MD

Omaha, Nebraska

Thomas Hansen, MD

Chicago, Illinois

Jimmy H. Hara, MD

Los Angeles, California

Kevin M. Haughton, MD

Olympia, Washington

James Herman, MD, MSPH

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Thomas C. Hines, MD

Boston, Massachusetts

Cornelius L. Hopper, MD

Oakland, California

Sandral Hullett, MD

Birmingham, Alabama

Asma Jafri, MD, M.Ac.M.

Stockton, California

Elizabeth Kimball

Chicago, Illinois

Kathleen M. Macken, MD

Saint Paul, Minnesota

David W. Marsland, MD

Richmond, Virginia

Don McCanne, MD

San Juan Capistrano, California

William A. Norcross, MD

San Diego, California

**Charles E. Odegaard, Ph.D.

Seattle, Washington

John Payne, MD

Salida, California

Michael D. Prislin, MD

Irvine, California

**Jonathan C. Rodnick, MD

San Francisco, California

Joseph E. Scherger, MD, MPH

Rancho Mirage, California

**G. Gayle Stephens, MD

Birmingham, Alabama

Daniel Webster, MD

Traverse City, Michigan

Jonathan B. Weisbuch, MD

Phoenix, Arizona

Terrell W. Zollinger, DrPH

Indianapolis, Indiana

+Participated in 15 or more National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access