27th National Conference Second Day’s Breakout Session Topic (Tuesday, April 5, 2016)

On Tuesday morning, April 5, 2016, at Dondero’s Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, the breakfast breakout groups will assemble. 

The assigned topic for discussion is the following quote of Doctor David Sundwall, from his presentation of April 20, 1990 at the First National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, held at the American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.

David N. Sundwall
David N. Sundwall

“[O]ne observation I have made of ‘Washington policy’ is that part of the mess we’re in is because our policy makers for two decades have focused almost exclusively on financing of care and they’ve let so many other things essential in public health efforts slide. 

“The reasons for this focus is understandable, given that those who benefit from the financing are clearly the most vocal lobbyists.

“The providers, meaning doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, many more who are employed in our “medical-industrial complex,” are in a position to benefit from attention being paid to the financing.

“Unfortunately, the poor and the disadvantaged don’t have a very effective lobby.  The other observation I have made is that we have, in fact, “medicalized” or made part of the health care system things which really are not traditional health concerns.

“And I don’t mean to say they aren’t eventually a health problem, but if you look at the big-ticket items we’re dealing with, many are the result of social-behavioral problems.

“Alcohol abuse and dependence is far and away the biggest problem statistically and cost-wise for the country.  Perhaps second is tobacco use.  Other costly social problems are drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, (the cost of care for uninsured AIDS patients being the most pressing of these), injuries, premature births, and infant mortality.  All of those are theoretically preventable, saving the costs of medical treatment.  But we’ve medicalized them and put them on the shoulders of the health care system.”

The Assigned Discussion Groups

Group One (Fowkes, Lead; Hansen, Scribe; Allen, Bejinez-Eastman, Buller, Burnett (Lee))

Group Two (Burnett (WH) Lead; Crawford, Scribe; Carriedo, Clarke,  Goodman, Partlow) 

Group Three (Geyman, Lead; Flinders, Scribe;  Chiang, Christman, Hara, Sawyer)

Group Four (Herman, Lead; Haughton, Scribe;  McGaha,  Norcross, Renteria, Webster)

Group Five (Kahn, Lead; Spalding, Scribe; Baird, Flores, Osborn)

Group Six (LeRoy, Lead; McKennett, Scribe; Means, Schwartz, Sundwall)

Group Seven (Boltri, Lead; Pugno, Scribe; Babitz, Norris, Rush-Kolodzey)

Group Eight (Ross, Lead; Freeman, Scribe; Erickson, Frey, Smith, Woolsey)