27th National Conference Third Day’s Breakout Session Topic (Wednesday, April 6, 2016)

On Wednesday morning, April 6, 2016, at Dondero’s Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, the breakfast breakout groups will assemble. 

The assigned topic for discussion is the following quote of Doctor John Geyman, from his April 22, 2011 Thought Provocateur presentation at the Twenty-Second National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco (California).

John Geyman, MD
John Geyman, MD

“[T]here are a couple of alternatives for 2020. Consider a chart where the multi-payer system is on the left – that’s what we’ve have now – and a single-payer with universal coverage is on the right. On the left there will be a series of “noes”. There won’t be universal coverage. There won’t be cost containment, nor affordability, nor comprehensive benefits. On the right, yes we would have all of that.

“How about choice of physician and hospital? Not with the multi-payer systems. These ACO’s are going to get us more consolidation, so there will be less choice, in more restrictive networks. Quality of care will be highly variable. The bureaucracy will have greatly increased.

“Will there be health care equity?  No! disparities will increase even more. Is the system sustainable? No; there will be widespread system collapse!”

The Assigned Discussion Groups

Group One (Burnett (Lee), Lead; Frey, Scribe; Geyman, Goodman, Hansen, Wilke,)   

Group Two (Bejinez-Eastman, Lead; Baird, Scribe; Lee, LeRoy, Partlow, Woolsey)

Group Three (Flores, Lead;  Buller, Scribe; Crawford, McGaha, Osborn, Sawyer)

Group Four (McKennett, Lead; Herman, Scribe; Burnett (WH), Clarke, Flinders, Norris)

Group Five (Norcross, Lead; Babitz, Scribe; Allen, Boltri, Christman, Means)

Group Six (Pugno, Lead;  Carriedo, Scribe; Erickson,  Palafox, Renteria, Spalding)

Group Seven (Webster, Lead; Fowkes, Scribe; Chiang, Freeman, Rush-Kolodzey, Smith)