28th National Conference Keynote Sessions to be Dedicated to ACA Issues of “Access”

The 28th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access is to be held April 10-12, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Each of its three days will focus discussion of issues of access to primary health care, from national, regional and local perspectives.

Each of the last eight National Conferences has begun with plenary sessions that analyze an element of health care access.

John Geyman, MD
John Geyman, MDd critique the enactment and implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (referred to variously and ACA or Obamacare.)

On April 10, 2017, the discussion is resumed with two of the permanent members of the National Conference faculty, Doctor John Geyman, author and member of the University of Washington emertius faculty and Doctor David Sundwall of the University of Utah. [For their most recent discussion on the topic, see “What Should Happen Next”: Doctors John Geyman, David Sundwall discuss Obamacare

Doctor Geyman has been an eloquent critic of the corporate transformation of the medical profession and of the American system of health care.

He has argued that inherent in ACA are fundamental flaws that make the act ultimately unsustainable. A selection of Dr Geyman’s critical appraisals of the legislation may be found at “What Has NOT Changed” – A Critique of the Affordable Care Act: John P. Geyman, MD and Proceedings of the 22nd National Conference: Thought Provocateur Session #1 (John Geyman MD) – “What Will Not Work: The Fundamental Errors in PPACA”.

David N. Sundwall, MD; University of Utah
David N. Sundwall, MD; University of Utah

Doctor Sundwall has previously served as a staff member to the United States Committee on Labor and Human Resources, chaired by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

He also served as the Head of the United States Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration under President Ronald Reagan, and more recently as the Director of the Utah Department Health under Governor Jon Huntsman and as a member of the presidentially-appointed Medicaid and CHIP Policy Advisory Commission.

After the keynote presentations by Doctors Geyman and Sundwall, presentations will be made by Doctor Norman Kahn, who is the Executive Officer of the Council of Medical Specialty Societies and Doctor Perry Pugno who is an emeritus Vice President of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Doctors Geyman, Sundwall, Kahn and Pugno are all Senior Fellows of the National Conferences on Primary Health Care Access.