“Access”: The 28th National Conference’s Breakout Groups – Monday April 10 2017

The first event of the 28th National Conference, which opens on Monday April 10, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans are seven breakout groups (with breakfast) with an assigned discussion topic.

French Quarter Crowds near the Cafe du Monde


The following question was a breakout question for the 18th National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, held in April, 2007, three years before passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Imagine the opportunity for a new discussion of the core elements of PPACA. Would the concerns suggested by the April 2007 question still be relevant today?

“You have been appointed to a citizen’s advisory group that is reporting to Congress on plans to provide health coverage for all uninsured person in the United States.  You notice that most members of the advisory group are content to recommend spending whatever it takes to make the current system of care available to everyone.  

“You have become concerned about the advisory group making such a recommendation without concurrently recommending reform of the health care system and new attention to the geographic and specialty distribution of the workforce.  How do you articulate your concerns in ways that would help focus the public policy debate?”

The breakout group breakdown:

MONDAY APRIL 10, 2017 

6:30 AM

Group One, BEJINEZ-EASTMAN (LEAD); ALLEN (SCRIBE), North, Soto, Susman

Group Two, BOLTRI (LEAD); ERICKSON, (SCRIBE): Babitz, J.Geyman, Kahn

Group Three, R.FLINDERS (LEAD); E.GEYMAN (SCRIBE); Burnett, Fish, Gomez, Righter

Group Four, FREY (LEAD); J.FLINDERS (SCRIBE), Chiang , Harrison, North, Porfeli

Group Five, LEROY (LEAD); PARTLOW (SCRIBE), Christman, LePage, Rush-Kolodzey, Webster

Group Six, ROSS, LEAD; ZRYD SCRIBE; Coleman, Matheny, Neiman-Hart, Wilke

Group Seven, NORCROSS, LEAD; SPALDING SCRIBE: Crawford, Graves, Russo, Sheridan

 The assigned breakout question will be posted soon.