“Access”: The 28th National Conference’s Breakout Groups – Tuesday April 11 2017

The Twenty-Eighth National Conference on Primary Health Care Access, at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans (second day breakout groups):

The steamship Natchez on the Mississippi River, New Orleans


An excerpt from Peter V. Lee, MD’s  “The Student, the Patient, and the University” 1965

“The motivation of most physicians must ultimately arise from an interest in the problems of their patients; the patient-oriented curriculum would utilize this motivation from the beginning.  …..And now..my hopes for the future: 

 “We shall examine the task of the doctor, to determine what he will really need to know and to do; we shall consider the whole span of medical education to be the province of the university; we shall explore the possibilities of a truly patient-oriented curriculum.  I hope we will not be bound by the past but will learn from it.  ….[T]here may be as many rational solutions as there are medical schools.  We must move forward, each institution utilizing its own strengths, expressing its own individuality, making its own contributions to the education of physicians fit for the challenges of the Twenty-first Century”

What are your thoughts about Dr Lee’s observation?

The Breakout Group Breakdown:


 Group One, BABITZ (LEAD), CHIANG (SCRIBE), Boltri, Graves, Soto

Group Two, BURNETT (LEAD), PARTLOW (SCRIBE), Erickson, Porfeli, Russo, Sheridan

Group Three, CHRISTMAN (LEAD), COLEMAN (SCRIBE), Bejinez-Eastman, Fish, LePage, Righter

Group Four, CRAWFORD (LEAD), WILKE (SCRIBE), R.Flinders, LeRoy, Ross

 Group Five, J.GEYMAN (LEAD), FREY (SCRIBE), J.Flinders, Matheny, Rush-Kolodzey, Zryd

Group Six, HERMAN (LEAD), NORTH (SCRIBE), Allen, Gomez, Neiman-Hart, Susman

 Group Seven, KAHN (LEAD), WEBSTER (SCRIBE), E.Geyman, Harrison, Norcross, Spalding