“Access”: The 28th National Conference’s Breakout Groups – Wednesday April 12 2017

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The breakout question April 12, 2017

Mark E. Clasen, MD, Ph.D., The Third Charles E. Odegaard Lecture, March, 1996

“In [a Houston, Texas] community health center, a very ill subset of diabetic patients were getting sicker. In this group hemoglobin A1C’s were climbing, and visual and extremity complications were worsening. The physician group asked our diabetic teaching nurse, Gloria O, to break out of her prescribed protocols, and render this group of patients intensive outpatient care. Listening to her counsel her patients in a new way, I heard her use language and imagery that I had never heard her use before.

“With some patients she was gentle, and methodical- teaching life style modification. With others she talked about which dress she would wear when she attended their funeral. Ms. O was culturally competent and effective. By all parameters, this group became healthier. Here was a nurse practitioner who was more powerful therapeutically than a team of physicians. I learned a lot about the power of multi-disciplinary teams, and about cultural competence in changing behavior.

“What are your thoughts about Dr Clasen’s observations?



Group Two, MATHENY (LEAD), BOLTRI (SCRIBE), J.Flinders, Graves, Righter

Group Three, WEBSTER (LEAD), FISH (SCRIBE), Allen, Ross, Weisblat

Group Four, WILKE (LEAD), R.FLINDERS (SCRIBE), Chiang, Harrison, Russo

Group Five, NORTH (LEAD), GOMEZ (SCRIBE), Christman, LePage, Partlow

Group Six, BABITZ (LEAD), SHERIDAN (SCRIBE), Coleman, LeRoy, Spalding

Group Seven, BURNETT (LEAD), NORCROSS (SCRIBE), Kahn, Neiman-Hart, Soto, Susman